1 Gallon Burlap Girdle


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1 Gallon Burlap Girdle

Indoors and out, your plants will love to grow in these soft pots. Stylish, natural burlap is cuffed at the top and open on the bottom to prevent rotting. Stable-stitched at both ends to allow just enough fray enough to be fashionable. Each Burlap Girdle comes with a food-safe cornstarch-based grow bag with a gusseted bottom and ample drain holes. To assemble, simply slip the grow bag inside the Burlap Girdle and fill the grow bag with soil and plant material.

Use as centerpieces, as a fun activity for a party or for planting herbs. Easy to use…even easier to store. At the end of the season simply shake out contents and put away. No more heavy pots to find places for. Save your back, save some money and save some space! Burlap Girdles are also available in 5 and 10-gallon sizes.

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