Gardening Essentials
Accesories to Improve Your Gardenening Experience


As gardeners we know the little extras make work easier & more fun. They help make us successful gardeners!
Perfect seed spacing every time with the Easy Seeder

Easy Seeder Planting Guides
take the guess work out of planting your seeds! You will love how fast and efficient seed sowing will be with Easy Seeder Planting Guides!
Easy Seeder Planting Guides are available in 11" set--sized perfectly for square-foot and container gardening or  23" set which works well for larger areas. Each Guide has different hole sizes and spacing to accomodate all kinds of veggie, herb and flower seeds easily. No more wasting seeds or time spent thinning tiny seedlings.  Your veggies and flowers will be spaced just right allowing you to grow even more! Just run your finger and seeds over the holes!

                  11 Inch Easy Seeder Set

Fast, Easy & Efficient
No more Thinning
No More Wasting Seeds
No Wasting Time

                                   23 Inch Easy Seeder Set

Small and Large Glassine Seed Saving Envelopes

Our own experiences lead us to use glassine envelopes to store our seeds. We learned the hard way that plastic zippered bags can mean disaster for seeds that aren't completely dry.  Glassine Seed-Saving Envelopes are easy to write on and make seed saving and storage simple!

What Did I Plant? Labels

Wooden Plant Stakes & Marker

Our What Did I Plant? Labels came about when we got tired of masking tape falling off of our seed starting trays. Let's face it seedlings can look similar for a long time. These labels allow you to mark all of the pertinent information like seed type, date planted, days to germination and an extra spot for special instructions!

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