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The Seed Keepers®

Same Price. Better Product.

 The Seed Keeper Deluxe®

Store 100s of Seed Packs!
The Seed Keeper Deluxe makes seed storage and seed-starting easier!

Organization comes to the garden!
Our easy-to-use Seed Keeper Deluxe helps you organize your scattered seed packs.
Save time and money when you use your Seed Keeper!

Rigid Keeper Card with velcro tabs locks tight and holds bulky seeds in place and upright!

Seed Keeper Deluxe Tools & Supplies:
A-Z & Monthly Dividers
Seed Picker Uppers
Seed Magnifier
Anti-Static Tweezers
10 What Did I Plant? Labels
3 Inch Seed Sorting Dish
6 Inch Wooden Ruler
Marking Pencil
10 Wooden Plant Markers
10 Seed Saving Envelopes
Hand & Nail Scrubber
Accessory Bag for Storage
Rigid Keeper Card Lock in place with velcro
1 Gallon Burlap Girdle Soft Growing Container

 The Seed Keeper™
Home Farmer

Same Price. Better Product.

  The Home Farmer is filled with A to Z dividers with loads of information about crops to grow at home. You'll learn history and planting tips along with recipes.

Home Farmer Includes:
A-Z & Montly Dividers
Seed Saving Envelopes
Plant Stakes
What Did I Plant? Labels
Seed Sorting Dish
Planting Ruler
Resealable Accessory Bag
1 Gallon Burlap Girdle Soft       Growing container


The Original Seed Keeper

Keep Seeds Filed, Organized, 
Upright and Easy to Find!

The Seed Keeper is a new way to store organize and protect your valuable garden seeds.
It's a also a great place to keep plant tags, gardening articles and seed packs.

The Seed Keeper is your garden organizer.

Seed Starting just got easier with The Seed Keeper!

Tools and Supplies:
A-Z Dividers with a whimsical flower pot design filled with tips, recipes and inspiration
A pair of Garden Gloves
3 inch Seed Sorting Dish
6 inch Planting Ruler
Utility Clip for hanging gloves, seed packs...

5 Wooden Plant Markers
5 Glassine Seed Saving Envelopes
Permanent Marker

7 x 8 inch Accessory Bag for storing all of the seed-starting tools and supplies
Rigid Keeper Card fits behind dividers to keeper seed packs and garden information upright. It moves as your collection grow



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