Burlap Girdles

Our Own Creation
Burlap Girdles are a stylish and sturdy alternative to hard-to-store pots.
Farmers have known about the sturdiness of burlap for many years. Now, decorators are using it everywhere. Let's bring style and durability together. Our Girdles are simple to use and even easier to store. Available in 3 sizes: 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon and 10 Gallon.

Easy to follow instructions accompany each package.
Put them on a patio or balcony or situate them right on the soil. Our Girdles are bottomless and easily slip over the grow bag line for a smart, unique container.
Economy is a word we're all mindful of right now. Burlap Girdles fit most budgets because they cost a fraction of  what heavy pots cost and take up no room when they're not in use.

   A New Kind of Raised Bed!
     It's Affordable!

Burlap Girdles are perfect for gardeners who have difficulty bending over to reach the soil.
Burlap Girdles do well on a table at a workable height. Make sure the table you're using can get wet. Voila-- a new kind of raised bed!!

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